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Visit to India

Research worker form CCT department Dmitry Orlov has visited India in January 2011 to hold training seminars, read lectures, and to meet with representatives of medical and sport organizations.

Topics of the lectures were related to the application of innovative technologies in studies of psycho-emotional and physiological states of a person during lifetime, sport trainings and physical activities.

Past events:

1. 14-17 January - lectures and seminar in New-Delhi.

2. 21-24 January - lectures and seminar in Pune.

3. 28-30 January - lectures in Bangalore.

During this visit several meetings were held with representatives of sport and scientific organizations of India (Medical Council of India, World Peace Center - UNESCO (MIT), Vivekananda Yoga University (Bangalore)), during which it was offered to start collaboration with FSI SPbSRIPC.

This visit was organized by the Institute for Science, Spirituality and Sustainability (USA) and Center for Biofield Sciences (Pune, India).

Visit to India 2011

From left to right: Krishna Madappa (Institute for Science, Spirituality and Sustainability, USA), Dmitry Orlov (FSI SPbSRIPC, Russia), Thornton Streeter (Center for Biofield Sciences, India)

Visit to India 2011

Doctors of traditional and integrative medicine, representatives of sport organisations, and specialists of aurvedic centres took part in seminars

Visit to India 2011

Participants of the seminar in Pune

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